Everything You Need To Know About Pasta

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Pasta is the staple food of Italians and has found a place as the ultimate comfort food for many more people. Made simply using flour, eggs, and salt it comes to life when accompanied by the wonderful sauces from the region...

Pasta comes in a range of shapes and in authentic Italian cuisine long pastas such as spaghetti and linguine are used in quick-cook, light sauces while short shapes such as penne are paired with more robust sauces. Varieties of pasta shapes include:


Long strands of pasta often served in Italy with a fresh tomato sauce or just drizzled in olive oil with garlic and chillies, or with cheese and pepper. You will never find Spaghetti Bolognese on an authentic Italian menu


Long like spaghetti, but thicker and flatter which makes it a good pairing with creamier sauces, giving them a larger surface area to coat.


Short, hollow tubes of pasta cut at an angle often served with thicker tomato and vegetable sauces.


Little corkscrew twists of pasta which are perfect for sauces containing meat, or for use in pasta bakes.


Shell shaped pasta, their cup like shape perfect is perfect for catching heavier sauces or for using in baked pasta dishes.


Twists of pasta with crinkly edges hold sauces on their wing like shape. They are also great to use in pasta salads.


Tiny tubes most commonly found baked in a luscious cheese sauce in what has become one of the world’s favourite dishes.


These sheets of pasta give the name to one of the most famous dishes when layered with meat or vegetable sauce, topped with white sauce and cheese.



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